Summer of Champions 2022

Summer of Champions 2022




We're staying in a hotel up in the mountains approximately 3 km from the inner city and the ice rink. 

Name: Gasthof Lehen classic Alpen hotel
Adress: Gasthof Lehen Street 3, 6410 Telfs, Austria

We will rent the whole hotel during the whole period, which means that the participants of the camp are the only guests at the hotel.
There are 2-4 beds in each room. Your allocation in the rooms will be decided by the coaches when you arrive, but you can also come with suggestions. 
It is possible for parents etc. to stay in the hotel as well if there are rooms available.

Priority order:
1. Skater from outside Austria
2. Skater from Austria
3. Parents etc.


We have 3 small buses with drivers that will transport the skaters between hotel and ice rink for a small fee. Read more about the fee in section Additional Payments 

We can arrange transportation to and from airport. The price will depend on the amount of passengers and you'll be personally informed about the price later on. If you are interested please contact Andras.



Breakfast: At the hotel
Lunch: At a restaurant in a shopping centre
Dinner: At the hotel


Ice Rink

The Ice rink is located in the inner city of Telfs, very close to the shopping center where the lunch will be served.  

The ice rink is equipped with one roof harness and a hand held harness which can be used on
private lessons.

Skate sharpening and maintaining is available as well.