Summer of Champions 2022

Summer of Champions 2022



Andras Szaraz

English, Swedish and Hungarian speaking. Owner of the SOC by Szaraz Summer Academy 
1994-1998 Hungarian Physical Education University.
An experienced coach with a Master's Degree, he coaches skaters at the Europeans, Worlds and Olympics.
He is responsible for the ice practices including jump, step and stroking technique.
Coach of Diana Poth between 1998-2000, Europeans 4th in Praha, 11th in Wien.
Coach of Julia Sebestyen between 1994-1997 and 2000-2006, Europeans 3rd in Malmö,
European Champion in Budapest, 6th at Worlds in Dortmund, 8th Olympics in Salt Lake City.
ISU Camps head coach and coordinator between 2004-2007.
2012-16 head coach of Trelleborg KK, 2016-17 head coach of Tyresö KK, 2017- head coach of Linköping KF.


Edit Szaraz​

English, Swedish and Hungarian speaking.
Off-ice specialist. She is responsible for condition training and coordination developing practices. She is a former rhythmic gymnast who has been working with gymnastics as a coach for many years on the highest level in Hungary. Special stretching, power training and dance classes will be conducted by her for the specific needs of modern figure skating.
She has been working with figure skaters in USA, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary for many years.
Condition training coach for the Hungarian Kajak-Kenu Olympic Champion Team for 2 years.
Education in Sport: Academy of Fitness Budapest – Hungary, Aerobic and Fitness Personal Trainer.
2012-16 off-ice coach and choreographer of the Trelleborg KK, 2016-17 Tyresö KK, 2017- coach and choreographer, off-ice specialist of Linköping KF.


Kim Ryan Lewis

English speaking.

Internationally recognized figure skating spin specialist from the US. Kim Ryan has been coaching figure skaters in the Pacific Northwest and across the country for more than 40 years. A former competitive skater herself, Kim trained under John Nicks – renowned coach of Olympic skaters such as Ashley Wagner, Sasha Cohen and Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.

Participation: Period: 2 and 3


Amanda Azzopardi 

English and Swedish speaking

Swedish Figure Skating Association TC and judge with many years of experience on national and international competitions. Amanda will participate in a workshop for leveled elements on 19th of June and conduct a simulation competition on 20th of June.


Marko Marton

English and Hungarian speaking

Former skater of the Szaraz team. He has been working with us in Sweden/Landskrona and the US. 4 times Hungarian Chamipon, European and Worlds competitor

Disney on Ice Frozen ensemble skater 2014-2015, Disney on Ice Frozen principal skater 2015-2018, Disney on Ice Dream Big principal skater 2018-2019

Coaching experience:2010-14 in Budapest, 2020 Istanbul, 2021-22 Budapest


Lisen Hogner

English and Swedish speaking

Assistant coach of Linköping KF. She is a former elite figure skater who has been coaching figure skaters on various levels since her own career ended in 2017. Her young age is a strength which allows her to reach out and empathize with skaters within her own generation. She currently works both on and off ice to help skaters improve their skating skills, strength and endurance. Education in sport: SISU Sport Educators Introductory Course. Swedish Coach Education Level 2.